Dichotomy Series

With no formal training, Thierry learned his craft through experimenting and asking questions at his local art supplies shop. He quickly became a member of the Melbourne artists’ community.

He remembers, “I started selling at little markets, the wind would blow everything away, and I’d cry and think ‘Shit! I’m never doing this again.’ But then I’d have that urge and I’d do it again and again.”

A few years later, Thierry prepared for his first exhibition. Working now at France Soir, he was delighted to discover the long-time customers, who he had served with elegance and charm, were now his friends and fans.

One of Thierry’s regulars offered gallery space for Thierry’s first show. Three hundred people came to see the work. His career as an artist had begun.


As Thierry’s paintings grew a steady stream of buyers, he worried he might run out of ideas. It was this fear that led Thierry to start meditating. Meditation gave him a method for opening his mind, he says, “It was a way for me to explore the world beyond what we can see.”

He starts each painting with a black canvas, which represents nothingness. His work examines a world beyond what meets the eyes. When his paint touches the black canvas, he brings joy, harmony and possibility to life.

His paintings explore states of mind, available to us all, which are often crowded out by the frenzy of modern life. Each lyrical landscape is a dialogue with reality.

Thierry B has grown to become an internationally respected abstract expressionist, with buyers spread across four continents.

Thierry B Alluring

Alluring Black and White, 2018

Diptych Synthetic Polymer Paint On Linen !22 x 183 cm (91.5cm ech panel) Signed, Dated and Tiled Verso

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Thierry B An Affectionate

An Affectionate Place, 2018

Synthetic Polymer Paint On Linen 122 x 91.5 cm Signed, Dated and Titled Verso

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Thierry B Decision 3

Decision , 2018

Synthetic Polymer paint on Linen 122 x 91.5 cm Signed , Dated and titled Verso

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Tb 0017 201127tb 090

Dichotomy, 2018

Synthetic Polymer Paint On Linen 152 x 122 cm

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